Washington High AIMS Program

HISTORY  The AIMS Program (ATHLETES IN MATH SUCCEED) is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 at Washington High School in San Francisco. AIMS was awarded a congressional award from then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi,  and SF General Hospital Foundation’s Heroes and Hearts in 2009  for helping the most  number of minority male student athletes successfully complete advanced algebra at Washington High since its inception in 1936.

MISSION Our mission is to inspire high school student athletes of all genders and ethnicities to become community leaders that grow in their character by challenging themselves rigorously in math,  becoming role models that mentor elementary school kids, and being prepared to complete a college degree  with long term career value.

VISION Our vision is that our student athletes will grow in character and conviction to become community leaders who change their hometowns in ways that make social justice a reality.

METHODS  AIMS relies on research proven strategies, traditional values of relationship building, and volunteerism.   The goal of AIMS student/athletes is to be involved in mentoring elementary school students at Lafayette Elementary and high school students with special needs, taking the most rigorous math class they can all 4 years of school, and placed in a class with an AIMS math teacher.  As a non-profit organization, the AIMS program is made possible through community support and donations.  


AIMS was given community service awards by Nancy Pelosi and SF General Hospital.

The San Francisco Giants have consistently supported AIMS with player appearances.

Major League Baseball, AT&T, the Giants and Chevy have awarded grants to AIMS.

AIMS has relationally supported 61 students. Below is a summary of AIMS compared to the national average for one of our “goal groups”- African American males.

AIMS     vs.    Nationally

High School Diploma   100%     vs.   59%  source: Schott Foundation

4+ yr. College Degree      *53%   vs.  33.1% source: US Department of Ed                                         *from 2008 & 2009 HS grad